Low Sugar Seasoned Nut Snacks and Flavored Nut Butters

Legendary Food's has worked tiredlessly to solve the problem between great tasting snacks and the science of nutrition. Our goal is provide our customers with bold flavored nut butter and seasoned nut snacks that not only taste amazing, but they're good for you too. Our nut snacks and nut butters contain ingridients found only in nature, no sugar added, and low in net carbs. Our nut snacks taste so good, you'll think they're junk food.

Nut Butters Nut Butters

No sugar added flavored nut butters that are packed full of nutrients, protein, and delicious flavor to help fill you up.

Nut Snacks Nut Snacks

Seasoned nut snacks that are low in sugar and carbs. The perfect snack to keep you full on the go.